The « recherche d’emploi » (job search) residence permit allows you to stay in France after finishing your studies in order to supplement them with a first work experience or set up your own business relevant to your education.


  • Being an international student (except Algerian students), owner of a residence permit marked ‘student’ or 'researcher'
  • Having graduated (or graduate soon) with a master’s degree (or equivalent degree in a French Higher Education Establishment, within the list fixed by decree).


You have to apply for the « RECHERCHE D’EMPLOI » residence permit upon appointment with the Préfecture BEFORE the expiry date of your current residence permit or DURING THE YEAR FOLLOWING your graduation (for instance: if you obtain your diploma on October 21st 2022 then you can apply until October 21st 2023)

Careful: only the final certificate of achievement will be accepted to validate your application. Provisional attestations, certificates of M2 achivement or any other document will be rejected.

This residence permit allows you to carry out a job in relation to your studies or research studies after the end of your university education, without applying for any other work permit.

At the end of the validity of your card marked ‘JOB SEARCH’, you can apply for a change of status in order to get a residence permit marked ‘PASSEPORT TALENT’ or ‘SALARY’/’TEMPORARY WORKER’, depending on your situation.

To obtain it, you need to provide evidence of:

  • A job or an ‘offer letter’ with a remuneration higher than a threshold fixed by decree according to your level of qualification
  • A business project in relation to your schooling or research.

N.B: You can apply for this residence permit up to 4 years after graduation if you came back to your home country. In this case, you will have to apply for a specific VISA at the French consulate.




Application form
> Download the application form

Fill in the form with ACROBAT READER© BEFORE then print it in order to add it to your application documents.



Build your application
> List of required documents

Additional Documents :
> Evidences of address
> Accommodation statement

STEP 3 :

Appointment with SAIEC

New : Get an appointment online with SAIEC to get help checking your dossier:



Appointment with the Préfecture

Make an appointment with the Préfecture to give your dossier there ('Étrangers en situation régulière' section):


If your application is complete, the Préfecture will give you a receipt (récépissé).



SMS invitation

A message on your phone or a letter will be sent to you once your residence permit is ready, asking you to collect it.


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