A foreign minor child accompanying a foreign scientist in France is subject to the same conditions of entry to the country.

The parents have to beforehand carry out the procedures to obtain the child’s visa from the French consulate of the country concerned:

  • Type C short-stay visa: For a stay of less than 3 months
  • Type D long-stay visa: For a stay of more than 3 months

Residence permit

A foreign minor child is not subject to the obligation to have a residence permit to stay in France if one of the parents has a valid residence permit.

To facilitate travel outside France, a minor may obtain a document for the movement of a foreign minor (DCEM). After a trip abroad, it allows a return to France without the need for an entry visa. The DCEM must be accompanied by a travel document such as a (valid) passport. This document is valid for 5 years and can be renewed. The DCEM is issued on payment of a fee of €45 to be settled in tax stamps.

The application for DCEM must be done online through the ANEF website.

More information about this process on service-public.fr.

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