The CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiale) is a French public body enabling the payment of family and social benefits, such as housing benefit.

Housing benefit is a family benefit that helps you to pay your rent. It is granted:

On a means-tested basis

Based on your personal and professional situation (single, in a couple, student, employee, etc.)

There are 3 types of housing assistance:

  • APL: If your housing is subsidised by the State (e.g. this is the case for accommodation in a university residence).
  • APL is always paid to the lessor (owner, housing association, university residence, etc.)
  • ALF: only for persons married for less than 5 years (with the marriage having taken place before both spouses reach the age of 40) or with dependent children.

ALS: intended for those who may not receive APL or ALF.

This benefit is paid to you directly but it may paid to the lessor if the latter makes such a request.

These benefits may not be combined: you may only receive one of these allowances. The CAF will determine the benefit to which you are entitled, based on your case.

> More information (simulations, benefit request...) on the official CAF website

Family allowances are a benefit paid to persons with at least 2 dependent children aged under 20 irrespective of your family situation and the amount of your income.
Family allowances can be combined with other benefits.

To obtain all of the information concerning the CAF or to find out more about the conditions for access, the supporting documents to be provided, when and how to make your application, and to obtain the contact details of the CAF, register on our EURAXESS platform.
Our team is here to help you for filling your CAF application too if you need, upon appointment (appointment link on the right of this page)


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